"One of the most surprising and talented European illusionist."
  Source: Parisien
"The illusionist Hugues Protat puts the audience ablaze".
  Source: Gala
"Live Magic : the originality of his burleguer ideas and of his character
Hugues Protat his silver wand."
Source: Figaro
"Hugues Protat , all fire and flames magician enchants the audience.
  Source: Télé Stars
"Vincent Perrot ,Pierre Tchernia and the talentous magician Hugues Protat
  hosted this Millionaire opening program whith talent.
  Source: Télé 7 jours
"The zany magician and his farcical little devil didn't take a minute to charm
  his audience. He is probably also the only magician to do his show by
  alternating hard rock and classical music ,sprinting accros the scene without
  a pause , changing costumes often after as Mick Jagger in concert.
  Source:Eure Inter
Talent in a pure state : the communications he knows how the relax his
  audience ()Protat is the illusionnist of the years 2000 , his scenic presence ,
  devoid of artifice , lets him such subjugate the children ,as well as their
  parents and grand parents.
  Source : Côte Normande
Hugues Protat 's magic is in perpetual movement , high in colour, soft with
poetry and always fun.
  Source : Nord Eclair
"Remember this name which will come up More and more on the billbords
  () long live the magic that renovates a slowly evolving genre. He deserves
  the Silver Wand officialty awarded to him by princess Stephanie de Monaco
  and the special originality prize awarded by Yves Lecoq.
  Source:La semaine des spectacles (Côte d'Azur)