At 5 , he performs his first magic trick.
At 8 , he turns his grandmother into a rabbit.
At 12 ,the rabbit become a grandmother again.
At 16 ,he wins the youngest magicien prize.
At 24 ,he creates The Magician's International Festival in Normandy.
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"Great French Price of the illusion".

"Money Rod to the Festival of Assembles-Carlo".

"Special Price of originality decreed by the Stéphanie princess of Monaco".
"In France" :
  The Eiffel Tower, the Palate of Congrés of Paris, the Festival of Avignon,
  The Theatre of the Gymnasium, the Opera of Lille....
"A the International"
  Tokyo, Brussels, Assemble-Carlo, Singapore, Pointe A Clown, San Roque,
  Liege, Ostend, Edinbourg, Luxenbourg, Stuttgart...
The 70's :
  Starts magic in the Rouen Region.

The 80's :

  Theatre work at the Rouen National conservatory ; there he puts on show
  and sketches (whith Katherine Viard , Franck Dubosc,…)
  It also meets Valérie Lemercier , Virginie Lemoine , Alexis
  Dessaux , Valerie Maurice et Christine Lemler.
Stele in the 80's :
  Meet his accomplice Fançois Normag whith whom he puts on magical
  Together they organise the Magician's International Festival.
The 90's :
  Creation in the theatrical illusions , including the symbolical Illusion whith
  Daniel Mesguish's directional help. Then the "songe du sage" ,"The magic
In 1995 :
  Develops the Magician's International Festival which takes place over 15
  days in the Casino de Forges les Eaux.
The 2000's :
  The Magician's International Festival beats all attendance records and
  Hugues Protat still creates in the apirit of theatrical illusions.