DOWNOALD Modem broad band

"Road roller"


Discover the new H.P slining down method…..

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Very complete show on the theme of to the rabbits to delight of both kids and parents.

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"It is my Choice"

(France 3)

Someone the publiz is leying down between too chairs , and then…

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"the Dream of the Artist"
The painter in his whith a much dissipate model...

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"Stars A Residence"


HP takes part in a dream with Jennifer of start Academy.

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"Pub TV"(Etrangère)

Again HP in a thematic show for agaret brand.

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"Large a Fan of Magic"

Just simply humour.

"With Franck Dubosc"


Hugues Protat and Frank Dusbosc in memory of their first moment magic.

"Scarves of Love"

Romantic encounter between two scavers madly in love with eacnother.

"Interview "


HP and his patron Dorothée Falh of the universe of magic.

"Translu "

(sur Canal+)

Again HP and his partner...

"The Turn of the World"

Other magic trick's..

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